Hello and welcome to our store.    We have a passion for creating and engraving products, and are located in Northern Illinois.  Frosty is a retired manufacturing engineer, who in retirement decided to spend his new found time building a wood shop.  Mike has been in the print industry for 20 years and has a passion for creating things and the process with which goes with that.  We have decided to combine our talents and create unique gifts and keepsakes that people will enjoy.   

With Frosty's retirement we would spend mornings creating things in the basement as a hobby.  Our goal was to have a great time, see what we could do and teach the kids to enjoy building and creating.   That hobby turned into custom orders and more custom orders.  We absolutely love building for people and seeing their reaction when they receive something unique.  

We buy our materials at local small businesses and use local talent as much as possible.  There are so many local people with talent that we love to utilize.  The goal being to help them grow their small business as they help build ours.  

Whether it be weddings, christmas, coach's gifts, teacher gifts, anniversaries or whatever else we hope to build a store of unique gifts that people can enjoy.    Stop by often as the store will rapidly be growing.  

Thanks  for stopping by and please email us with any questions, comments, or ideas.
May 17, 2018 — Michael Viita